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Eavestrough Cleaning

Protecting Your Home

Having clean eavestroughs ensures that rainwater can be directed away from your home without causing damage to your foundation, or erosion to any surfaces on the outside of your house.


Eavestroughs that are full of leaves and mud, as well as clogged downspouts, can cause them to overflow, or water to leak into your house. For this reason it is important that you have them cleaned at least once a year.

Safe Work Habits

Climbing to the roof level of a house is dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ladder injuries can almost always be credited to inexperience, so unless you have been trained or have a lot of ladder experience I wouldn’t suggest cleaning your own eavestroughs. Hiring someone is the safest way to have them cleaned.

When cleaning eavestroughs, Sparkleman uses ladder stabilizers to keep the ladder from sliding during the cleaning. Ladder stabilizers also keep the ladder from leaning on the eavestroughs, so you don’t have to worry about them being bent.

In-Depth Cleaning

We clean the eavestroughs out by hand, putting the debris into buckets, then dumping it into paper yard waste bags that the city will collect with the rest of your yard waste. All downspouts will be checked for blockages to ensure that water will flow safely away from the house once the job is done. If there is a blockage, it can be unblocked either by using a “snake” or by dismantling the downspout.


After the job is done we make sure to sweep up any debris that may have fallen from the eavestroughs during cleaning.

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