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Residential Window Cleaning

Professional Touch

Having your windows cleaned is an easy way to brighten up your home. If you don’t hire someone to clean your windows, you may end up cleaning them yourself.


This is unsafe, and your windows will not look as good as if you have them cleaned professionally.

Quality Workmanship  

Sparkleman offers a variety of different window cleaning services to match your needs. Whether it be exterior, interior, or you want to have storm windows or screens removed and cleaned, we will take care of you.

All windows are scrubbed with soapy water using a soft brush, and then the water is removed using a squeegee. Window frames and sills are wiped using a rag to remove any excess water left from the cleaning.

Safe and Efficient

In order to protect your home, and ourselves, we use padded ladder stabilizers or ladder mitts whenever we clean a window. This insures that there is no direct contact between our ladders and your house preventing any scratches or dents.


When cleaning windows inside your home, we protect the furniture and flooring by covering it with a clean drop cloth.

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